The house of ale, and swimsuits?

Definitely the fanciest beer bar I have been in Hanoi, most likely the nicest I have been in general. This is not a place for those on a budget. Unless to are only drinking, then the prices are equivalent. Food your normal western price, but the slightly smaller portions make it seem is pricier. But, is the food worth it? Actually yes. I had there peppery streak medium rare, as well it should be you heathens, and it was good.

Ale house reminds me of the type of place you would see in Manhattan. If this was in New York it would be filled with those who work in the financial sector. The usual bro types that have recently in the last few years discovered beer can actually be flavorful and strong. From the looks it is possible financial types here, especially at lunch, our at least will to do Vietnamese men.

The overall look of the place is quite marvelous. It is like a lounge that serves craft beer. The only thing that really ruins it, and it is something I am sure they could just cover it up is the bottle fridge.

The one thing that does make it not like any place you would find in Manhattan is what's on the television. Even in a more upscale place the tv's would be covering sports. Here however, is the fashion channel. While yes it is a swimsuit
photo shoot being shown, it is still unique to any similar American place. Okay now it is a lingerie shoot. Maybe there is something to this. Now a Giorgio Armani photo shoot is on. Maybe it's seen as classy somehow. Any Vietnamese on here,
please inform me.

You can find Hanoi Ale House at:
                                    5 Trần Kim Xuyến, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội