Not Just Standing Room

On a quiet little street by the serene view of the lake on Trúc Bạch Island sits an oasis of bitter brews. I am of course talking about Standing Bar which boasts having 16 taps and potential to up it to 20 if they felt the need. Starting by Dan, one of the creators of The Sơn Tinh label of rice wine and Highway 4. He wanted to Start a place to open up and help promote the burgeoning craft beer scene, as well be a distributor of the various breweries down in Saigon. 

The bar itself is a lovely little spot that has the feeling of a local from back home that one could easily find themselves becoming a regular at. With its rustic vintage feel, it could fit in any Brooklyn
Neighborhood and similar places from other cities. It looks as if Standing Bar was always there. For some, they wished it was. Dan, the owner, said he wanted it to have that feeling with the way the bar
felt. Which he did have trouble with in the downstairs area trying to convey to the workers when telling them to knock away some of the plaster to expose the brick. Downstairs the bar shines at you with a welcoming marque as if entering a theater or somewhere of a spectacle. Which of course if you are into craft beer it is. As mentioned earlier they currently have 16 beers on tap, mostly from the Southern breweries. Of course, soon they plan to have some house beers at a lower price for looking for a deal. With the other at the usual range from 80 to 95k. Not to mention there are plans for weekly specials. Obviously, this is from someone who has been doing this a while. Next to the bar the small kitchen turning out great skewers and other snacks. I would not say it is a place to go for dining but as I find myself and I am sure with many of you I do find myself peckish when drinking for long periods. It is an excellent way of keeping you around and keep you drinking.

There is a second floor that in a way feels its own place but still very much the same vintage feeling as downstairs. While the first floor holds up to its name as a standing bar for those that do which to sit eventually, the second floors offers that, with couches and small tables for groups to sit together and enjoy the brew and snacks. Also, an area for a stage to hold future live acts. The second floor even has a balcony area to you can look out at Truc Bach lake. Which of course you can sit by the railing at the bar stool counter overlooking the lake.

Standing Bar is a well designed comfortable place that is very much its own thing. Not so much a general pub restaurant that many other western bars are and not the high-class, exclusive feeling of the Vietnamese craft beer bars. Standing Bar is just your local joint around the corner. And those living on Trúc Bạch Island it is.

You Can Find Standing Bar at:
                                       170 Trấn Vũ, Trúc Bạch, Hà Nội


  1. Thanks for the heads-up on this. I definitely want to try this place out.


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