The Pure Craft of Barett

You may have seen Barett's beers, whose name derives from the beret and a barrel, at The Fat Pig, Republic, and at the Hanoi beer festival. If you have not had a try and crave some German lagers, you really should. I have had the pleasure of trying their Red Smokey Lager, Pilsner, and Weizen. Their smoked lager (not amber ale as fat pig puts it) is a delicious smokey lager. The Barett Pilsner, a refreshing, earthy, and crispy bitter pils. Moreover, the Weizen, an excellent example of a German wheat beer.

Started in November under the Hằng Vui umbrella, they have been pushing out traditional German styles, which means they follow the Reinheitsgetbot or the German purity laws. This is in keeping up the tradition of quality and craft that was always the way of German brewing. Something that is a treat to see in such an unexpected place.  Headed by Alexander Haf, who has brewed for 30 years now and is originally from Munich. According to Alexander, they have about a 250 liters capacity with their current setup. All of the equipment directly comes from Germany, as the brewer had said he wants only the best equipment for the beer he makes, and I do not blame him. The man is very adamant about his beers, and I could see him as a walking encyclopedia of German brewing tradition.

The brewery itself is the former kitchen of the Hằng Vui Craft Beer Restaurant, which has been around since 2003, though recently been renovated for a more modern and somewhat western feel. Having the brewery in that space, it allows for patrons of the restaurant to view the mash tuns, coppers, and other brewing equipment as there is a windowed wall looking into the plant. It of course really adds to the feel of a brewery connected restaurant. The restaurant itself is a worth a sit down as well. While there is no German fare to enjoy along with your lagers, the Vietnamese menu is splendid and still goes well with the beers. Though it would be nice so have some schnitzel with their Weizen. I myself have made it a weekly lunch spot since I first started going. Of course, the brewery and restaurant are located way out in Linh Đàm, which is a bit of trek for most. However, if you ever find yourself out that way, or just need a change of scenery on the weekends, definitely make your way there. The neighborhood is nice relaxing area and on a not so humid and sweltering day, an enjoyable outdoor space. Of course, you may have to deal with a group or two of overtly loud Vietnamese men cheering like every 5 seconds, as if it was just your regular bia hoi. In a way, it is the bia hoi for the well to do Vietnamese man. As well a nice haven for those wanting some German craft.

You can find Barett at:
              The Fat Pig- 74 Quảng An, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội
              The Republic- 7B Quảng An, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội
              Hằng Vui Craft Beer Restaurant- Nơ 2 Bán đảo Linh Đàm, Hoàng Liệt, Hoàng Mai, Hà Nội