The Drunk Pig Wednesday.

You enter a gate, finding yourself at a pile of wood ready to imply its smoky flavor on the grill. You go up metal stairs as the sounds of a band play. The smell of meat and smoke invade your senses. You arrive to a bar that would easily find a home in Brooklyn. With six taps off local beers, each tap topped with a novel topper of various knives, that are not real of course.

Photo credited to Effa
It is Wednesday night, The Fat Pig is crowded for their weekly beer tasting and live music. This week is special as they have Pasteur Street's chocolate stout, which had recently won best in the world. Which I will say, it definitely deserves it. We make our way through their selection of beer as they offer six on tap. Three from Pasteur
Street, a couple of Barrett's beers, and Platinum.

We drink well into the night, eventually just settling on bia Saigon. The place closed, only our group remaining along with those of the staff hanging out for a few beers themselves. But that I suggest you do not do that yourself. One guy from our group was friends with them, so that is probably why he was okay with it.

Photo Credited to Effa
I returned a few days later, because well, admittedly I got too drunk to be objective and write anything coherent. Now in a more sober state, I notice they keep their glasses properly cleaned, with that nice lace of head forming as you drink, and the taste of the beer not becoming skunky by a soiled glass. Of course Wednesday is not the only best time to go, as they have a roasted pig special on Sundays. I know I will be there again for that. 

The view from the place is great as they are right on west lake and the second floor. If you have not been, The Fat Pig is worth a visit.

You can find The Fat Pig at: 74 Quảng An, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội