BEER: Bia Hoi

BREWER: local brewery
STYLE: light lager
ABV: about 3%
IBU: 8-15*
EBC: 1.5- 4*
RATING: 4 out of 5

As someone who is big on craft beer you would think without a doubt I would hate Bia Hơi. However, you would be wrong. I strangely like the stuff. It refreshing and light. Never giving me a feeling of fullness. Goes so well in the hot humid Hanoi afternoons.

Everywhere has there own version, and while they mostly taste the same, everyone has their preference. All you expats reading will definitely have yours. It would be interesting to see what everyone liked. For those that don't know its basically beer made daily and its literally everywhere. However, to get the full experience you must enjoy it on a street corner with the low plastic stools.

Sure, Bia Hơi taste mostly like beer flavored water, but something about it is just so refreshing. It's something you also just have to try in Vietnam with equally necessity as Phở or Bành Mì. Plus those of you who want to keep things cheap, it's cheaper than water. A glass will run you 3,000 to 10,000 Đong which is less than 50 cents US.

You can find Bia Hoi:
Well everywhere. If you can't find it there is something wrong with you.

*these numbers are speculative as no actual information is given.


  1. I couldn't agree more! It is certainly refreshing and goes well with a meal. Enjoy the day. Enjoy the beer. Enjoy the day beer. ��


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